most adorable cup stacking fail ever

Minho, leaning on JongHyun’s shoulder~

hyukkie teaching jia the swing dance + making fun of zhoumi’s moves

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140412 ELF Japan Update

Last night we happily put on our pack together for today’s concert ^^
Because dryness is the skin’s enemy~ With this, today’s concert is perfect ! \(^o^)/ Please take care of us too today~!

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Ryeowook - Swing~


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140212 [SJ COMEBACK HINTS] Interview with SM Producing Director Lee SungSu


The main point for SM artist in 2014: There are 2 project teams that will surprise everyone, we can see them in half a year.‪ #‎SUPERJUNIOR‬ will comeback with all new image this year, they have started the preparation from the beginning of the year.